Posted May 04, 2018
Last year, Deloitte made a major slip up. Despite being billed as the world’s leading cybersecurity consultancy for five years in a row, it failed to follow basic advice on passwords, two-factor authentication, and email security. As a result, reporters were told that around 350 high-profile Deloitte clients were affected by a breach of over five million client emails.
Personal or professional, screw-ups happen to us all. What matters is admitting the fault and laying out a plan of action for the future. Unfortunately, Deloitte did its best to ignore the bull rampaging through its china shop, arguing it was “implementing its comprehensive security protocol and initiating an intensive and thorough review which included mobilizing a team of cyber-security and confidentiality experts”, whatever that means.
Seven months on, the news cycle has moved on from the event, but Deloitte is still stalking the land, providing “leading cybersecurity advice” to anyone who’ll listen. Fortunately, this episode covers how consumers can separate good advice from hot air, as well as how businesses can take simple steps to protect confidential information and prevent similar scandals from occurring. Interested? Have a listen.

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