Posted June 09, 2018
Have you heard of the attention economy? That ugly outgrowth of sensational reporting that prizes generating clicks over generating discussion? Unfortunately, the security world is no stranger to such tactics. Each year, we're seeing an increasing number of vulnerabilities with their own logos, catchy names, and disclosures that look more like press releases. It's security meets Buzzfeed.
Just as people are now avoiding mainstream media for their own sanity, the public will start to tune out security news if all the industry focuses on is doomsday moments. That's a shame, given that mundane, but highly useful fundamentals like passphrases, encryption, and phishing training are still often neglected.
After yet another of these chicken little moments from the security press, Phil and I discuss what you can do to cut through the noise and find quality information. Check it out.

Co-founder, encryption specialist and fitness enthusiast.

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