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On, cookies are used:

  1. when a WordPress user logs in
  2. when you comment on our blog
  3. to save your preferences about the cookie alert we use

What Is A Cookie, Anyway?
A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your device. Often, cookies serve a useful purpose: they remember user preferences and store information, such as the contents of your shopping cart or whether you've already logged on.

Cookies can be divided into first party cookies that come from the website you're visiting and third party cookies that come from content on the website that comes from elsewhere, such as advertisements and social media 'like' buttons. Often, these third party cookies will track your browsing behaviour across the web, noting down what websites you visit long after you've closed the original webpage. Doing this helps them build profiles on you, which can then be sold. Because we respect your privacy, we do not feature third party cookies on our site.

How Can I Protect Myself Against Malicious Cookies?
Your privacy is important. Since much of the web is saturated with social media buttons and advertisements that disregard your privacy, it's important to know how to deal with cookies. In most browser preference settings, you can choose to never accept third party cookies (look for settings labelled 'privacy', 'history' or 'cookies') and how long before first party cookies are deleted (for instance, they can be deleted the moment you close your browser).

We also recommend you download Cookie AutoDelete, an add-on available for Firefox and Chrome. Add-ons are little extras you can download onto your browser to increase its functionality. Cookie AutoDelete destroys any cookies no longer in use when you close a tab in your browser.

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